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How to save for Coronavirus -

How to live with someone infected by Coronavirus: tips and precautions

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The Ministry of Health has published a series of measures to guarantee the health, not only of the patient infected with Coronavirus, but also of the people who live with it during confinement. (How to save for Coronavirus)

Remember that mild cases of coronavirus can receive home care as long as they meet these requirements:

-do not suffer from other diseases,

-not living with people with risk factors

-have a room in the house for privacy.

Also, the newspaper El PaĆ­s, published a guide with answers on how to isolate a patient from Covid-19 at home and how to act to prevent the transmission of the disease.

The guidelines are very clear, read carefully and everything will be fine! what you have to be clear about is that you should stay at home and avoid going outside.

(How to save for Coronavirus)

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The quarantine if the symptoms are mild must be kept in our home but it must be taken into account that the infected person must keep an important physical distance from the rest of the people with whom he lives.

A well ventilated single room must be provided; have their own bathroom -if not clean it thoroughly after each use and wash the towels they use- and warn that in the event of any worsening or change for the worse, call the phones that each autonomous community has made available to citizens during this crisis.

Thus we must prevent contagion when we live with a person affected by Coronavirus

One of the requirements, perhaps the most important, indicated by the Ministry of Health is that these companions do not belong to risk groups: elderly, with functional diversity, immunosuppressed or with chronic diseases. (How to save for Coronavirus)

Measures you should take if you live  ith a patient with Coronavirus
Extreme hygiene conditions

Family members have to be very scrupulous in hygiene. The affected person must use instruments that are exclusive to him (dishes, glasses, towels, bedding, etc.) and his own space to stay during quarantine.
As we live in small houses, if our ho e does not have a place of exclusive use, the patient may be in spaces where there is a margin of at least two meters away.
Constant ventilation

Ventilation must be constant in the p tient's private space, but also the common areas of the home must be regularly aired.


Constant hand washing

Do not complicate yourself. Do it wit  hand soap, the usual one you have in the bathroom and for at least 20 seconds.
Take out the walkie talkie or don't leave the phone

Communication with the rest of the people who live in the house must be done through a mobile phone or an intercom. (How to save for Coronavirus)
Discarded, in airtight bags

Recycling at its maximum level. Organic, plastic, glass and, now also, hermetic bags to deposit all the material that is discarded and that has been in contact with the patient.
Measures you should take if you are infected and live with your family

Try to cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Use disposable tissues or if you don't have them, cover your mouth with your elbow and wash your hands with soap afterwards and whenever you can.
Wear a mask when you leave the room where you keep the quarantine and close the door. Take the opportunity to ventilate during your absence
Change towels frequently.
Clean the bathroom with bleach, just like the rest of the buildings in the house.
All cleaning materials must be disposable and thrown away.
Use both for the bathroom and for the kitchen, individual utensils
Set the dishwasher to maximum temperature. Also the washing machine and don't even think about shaking your clothes
Avoid visits. For them, for you

When is the insulation terminated?
The protocol established by Health requires the collection of two samples in a space of 48 hours if the symptoms remit. These will be sent to the laboratory for analysis. Once the result is known and after two new negative reports, the completion of treatment at home will be evaluated.

The patient will be able to resume his life normally and those who live with him / her, too. But precautions must be continued until the outbreak is completely eradicated.
(How to save for Coronavirus)

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