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Eating better begins with organizing before going to the supermarket and ends with imagination in the kitchen. ? (weight loss tips)

We tell you some tricks to achieve your goal

We have a new calendar and that daily gesture is also an opportunity to take stock of the year that is ending and reinforce those behaviors that you have been wanting to put into practice for some time. Among them, one of the purposes that will surely be on your priority list, is to follow a healthy diet. (weight loss)

We talk about choosing those foods that best suit us and reducing those that suit us the least. In addition, it is a good time to acquire a series of habits that will help us eat in a more orderly way. To help you to keep these purposes from being parked in the first weeks of the calendar, we offer you these useful and easy-to-apply tips:

Step by Step

1. Plan your purchase : 

  • It is time to rescue the classic shopping list. 
  • The objective is to know what we need for our recipes but also to avoid temptations and whims that distance us from our objective. 
  • It will also help us to go after eating, and not before. 
  • At this point, it is also essential to choose where we buy : it is about acquiring quality food and finding variety. 
  • As for fruits and vegetables, we need them to be at their best, fresh , to take advantage of all its nutrients. (weight loss tips 2020)
  • And these three requirements are met by the El Corte Ingl├ęs Supermarkets where, in addition, you can count on the advice of their experts for any questions. 'united health care'

2. Purify your body : 

  • You need to 'reset' your body after Christmas excesses. 
  • It is a set-up , help your body prepare for your new dietary habits. There are many healthy and digestive food options that will help you in your purpose. 'united health care'
  • For example, this original pumpkin curry , with a delicious oriental flavor very easy to prepare. 'united health care'

3. Maintain a meal schedule : 

  • One of the best tips for your digestive health is to order your intakes. Food chaos, mess and snacking end up overworking your body. (healthy eating tips)
  • Therefore, it is important that you allow at least three hours to pass between meals . 'united health care'

4. Bet on seasonal food : 

  • It is true that nowadays we can eat practically everything throughout the four seasons of the year, but if we follow the calendar we will get better tasting foods since they will have completed their maturation process, with all its nutritional richness. 'united health care'
  • In addition, you will help the planet: consuming seasonal food is more sustainable. (healthy diet menu)

5. Fruits and vegetables? Imagination to power : 

  • You already know that one of the nutritional recommendations of the World Health Organization is to consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily . 'united health care'
  • We recommend that you widen your eyes and get out of the usual routines. 'united health care'
  • Thus, fruit does not necessarily have to be dessert. 
  • There are many other ways to take: in salads, compotes, garnish, salads ... And as for vegetables, be encouraged to try other usually do not usually take home: change carrots parsnips, potatoes by potatoes or cauliflower romanesco. (healthy diet chart)

6. Alternate white and blue fish : 

  • For a healthy diet, fish will be your great ally, and you should consume it at least four times a week. 'united health care'
  • So that it does not become repetitive, try other species that you do not usually buy - mackerel, mackerel, sea bass ... - and alternate the way of cooking it. 'united health care'
  • Steam and papillote are very healthy, but you can also cook it on the back or in salt. 'united health care'
  • Your fishmonger will help you preparing it exactly as you need it. 
  • You can also incorporate it into canned salads or, following the latest trends, make a tartar , tataki or ceviche, for example. (healthy diet essay)

7. Don't forget meat : 

  • It is a healthy food, although remember that it is convenient to remove excess fat. 'united health care'
  • Our advice is that you alternate between red meat and more meat lean, especially quality poultry and rabbit. 
  • You can start with this rabbit with currants . (healthy diet foods)

8. Sign up for grains and seeds : 

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  • They are a trend, but we do not include them in this list because they are fashionable but because they are really interesting from a nutritional point of view: they provide us with an extra content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and healthy fats . 'united health care'
  • Among them, we have the seeds of flax, chia, sesame or poppy. 
  • To digest them better, it is best to roast them before or soak them, and then grind them to break their wrapper. 'united health care'

9. Fermented, pure trend, 

  • Present in the menus of the most avant-garde restaurants. 
  • And although its digestive properties have been known since ancient times, it is now when they are rescued from traditional recipes. 'united health care'
  • Among the most conventional we have yogurt or classic pickles, but we can be fond of kefir, sauerkraut or even kombucha tea. (importance of healthy diet)

10. Caprices between meals : 

  • If you are someone who needs to have a snack between meals to regain strength, have healthy options on hand that will calm the feeling of emptiness in your stomach without ruining your diet and prevent you from falling into temptation from the vending machine. 'united health care'
  • Among those options you have the fruit, a yogurt or a handful of dried fruits, but so that it doesn't get tedious you can also have at your fingertips vegetable chips - zucchini, aubergines ... -, tapenades, quinoa with strawberries or dried red fruits. The options depend on your imagination. (10 tips for good health)

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